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~ Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart ~
~ Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart ~

Lin Chia Ning - Ticket Days stamp set. B

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Every day is a one-way journey,
whether it's happy or sad,
joyful or heartbroken,
up or down,
we get a one-way ticket each day and it carries all the smile and tears.
Time never turns back and neither do we.
Treasure every moment,
write down every single day that is worth memorizing.

Ticket stamp set. B

Each set contains a group of solid number stamps and a ticket stamp and a paper sticker pad.
Using designed wrapping paper and manual packing.
It is very easy to create a bunch of vintage tickets with these stamps and the sticker pad. These stamps could be used in multi combinations.

Ivory white rubber with wood handle
Outline letter stamp size:  2.1x1.6 cm / 0.9x2.9  cm / 0.9x1.3 cm
Ticket stamp size:  3.2x6.5 cm
Paper sticker pad size:  10x5.5 cm

Made in Taiwan

A little hint about the stamps:
These wood handle's colors are totally natural,
some might be lighter,
some might be darker,
they won't be all the same wood color in one pack.

And I had received a message about our stamp sets,
asking why the sets place the rubber and the wooden block separately rather than already attached the handle to the rubber?
Here it is!
When stamping, the edge of the rubber might let the stamp smudging on the paper, at this point, you can trim the stamp to avoid the problem.
However, there is also somebody who like to keep their rubber unmounted,
then just simply stick the rubber to the wood handle and it would be fine.
That’s the reason why we place the rubber and the handle separately,
you can decide whether to trim the rubber or not and then simply combine them.