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Registered shipping with full tracking for all orders
Registered shipping with full tracking for all orders

Original Stamp Collection

As one who keeps a journal and an avid stamp collector, these stamps were first created for my own personal use. There were countless times during my journaling #metime sessions that I found myself reaching out for a stamp design that is not yet available. Wishing that there’s a stamp like one that I imagined that I can use right then on my pages. But there wasn’t any available. That’s how all these stamps came about.

There’s a recurring theme around these stamps. One that revolves around nature, self-reflection and the warmth and comfort of home and family. A cozy atmosphere and sometimes dreamy and magical. I also like to use quotes on my journals and these quotes I found them while reading the many books on love, friendships, courage, integrity and loyalty. These stories inspires me to be a better person and I would like to remember them, and so I made them into stamps to use on my pages.

I hope you find these stamps as useful and as delightful to use as I do; and that they get to help you to convey your feelings and moods, accompany you through your journey in life and to tell your own story.

Lots of love,

All our classic wood mount stamps are made to order only and available in limited quantity. These stamps are assembled in our studio by myself. Please allow an additional 5-10 days for your order to ship. This also depends on how busy our production is when you place your stamp order. 

Our original stamp designs are available for bulk & corporate order with minimum order purchase. Do send us a message using the contact form to place a bulk order.