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BLINKS OF LIFE Venice Alphabet Clear Stamps

Journal Inspiration using your Notebooks

BLINKS OF LIFE Venice Alphabet Clear Stamps

Journaling the everyday can be simple and less time consuming when you know what works for you and sticking to the essentials/basics only. I’m using less and less embellishments lately and printing more photos everyday, which I think is awesome! Why? I’m spending less money on buying embellishments and stickers but my stamp collection is definitely growing. But these stamps.. I mean.. they’ll be something that I will use over and over again :)

I can’t get enough of clear stamps. Every time I start my journaling and stamping, there’s always new ideas coming up for my next stamp design… I’m super excited about these stamps. I haven’t had the chance to use them all.. and I can’t wait.

This is why I stick to using clear stamps to add fancy images and typography and the only embellishment I use here are the sticky notes!

BLINKS OF LIFE Venice Alphabet Clear Stamps

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  1. Yayu

    Oh, love your page. I really love the stamps from Blinksoflife, though I haven’t owned one. I do journaling with Midori TN but till now I haven’t got luck yet with stamping. No matter what type of stamp ink I used it always bleeds. Any suggestion?

    1. blinksoflife Author

      Hi Yayu! I use Versafine and VersaColor inks for my TN and I haven’t used any other brand’s ink. It gives you crisp impression of the stamps. The Versafine has the most crisp impression and sometimes with larger and thicker images, you can see the ink on the other side of the paper. But it’s not so bad to the point that the paper is wet and I can’t use the page. I usually cover that area with my photos or sticky notes.

      On the other hand, the Versacolor inks has more variety of colors and it doesn’t bleed at all. I’m loving the range of colors from Versacolor :)

      I hope this helps!

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